In recent days the PR team for British crown force RUC/PSNI, have been working hard with releasing statements and posting images on their social media accounts of foot patrols walking unabated through areas such as Ardoyne. This is an attempt to portray themselves as an accountable, respectable and community focused police force, part the long normalisation process.

Belfast 32CSM can see through this charade and as such some of our members erected posters right across Belfast last night, from the Falls, Whiterock, Ardoyne, Oldpark, Cavehill and Antrim road areas up to Glengormley and Bawnmore, to remind the public about the true nature of this political militia and to remind British crown force personnel that they are in fact NOT WELCOME in our communities.

We would urge everyone to challenge these so called "community police" on their daily politically motivated actions of collusion, sectarianism, harassment and violence against members of our community and if they try these photo stunts again let us know, let your neighbours know, let everyone know and together we can challenge them.

For our part we will continue as we always have, to expose the lies fed to us by the MI5 controlled crown forces, by the British establishment and by their local lackeys administering British rule here in occupied Ireland.


Our activists in Manchester have decorated the statue of Cromwell to record his Imperialistic, brutal murderous deeds in Ireland and across the world..‘Cromwell is a cockroach’

In a statement to 'The Irish Post', British Labour Councillor Glynn Evans, who represents the Brooklands ward where the statue is based, branded the act ‘just mindless graffiti’ 

He said: "(Cromwell) did some things wrong, like with the Irish people, it's history".

We put it now to Glynn Evans that the British continue, in Cromwell's image, to oppress and illegally occupy six counties of Ireland while administering British rule through its puppet governments of Stormont and Leinster House, this is not just confined to "history" as is so matter-of-factly stated by Glynn.

End British Rule In Ireland Now,

Beir Bua!

Over the past number of days the Cork 32 County Sovereignty Movement has cleaned the grave of Cork Irish republican Brian (Bryan) Dillon. As seen by the before and after video, Brian (Bryan) Dillons grave was in a very bad state. After intense cleaning and treatment of the stone, we managed to restore it to a respectable state.

Brian (Bryan) Dillion was a member of the IRB in Cork during the mid to late 1800s. A talented artist , Dillion worked towards laying the ground work for a planned rebellion in 1865. Brian (Bryan) was later arrested after the British conducted a search of his house and imprisoned him for drilling volunteers with the intention of going to war with the British crown. Brian (Bryan) was later imprisoned in Pentonville Prison, where Roger Casement would be hanged many years later for his part in the 1916 rebellion. After four and a half years Brian (Bryans) health took a turn for the worst. He was released and returned home where his mother became his carer as his health had deteriorated drastically. Sadly Brian (Bryan) would pass away at home on the 17th of August, 1872. His funeral was one of the largest Cork had ever seen. His remains are buried in the family vault in Rathcooney graveyard, Cork.

Beir Bua