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The 32 County Sovereignty Movement held a wreath laying ceremony in Cork on Sunday 18th October 2020 to commemorate the life of four Irish Republicans.

Oration on the day:

As we approach the one hundredth year since the imposition of partition in our country, we gather to honour Irish republicans who made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of Irish sovereignty.

Three of those men, Terence McSwiney, Michael Fitzgerald and Joseph Murphy gave their lives on hunger-strike in Cork and Brixton gaols. The other, Volunteer Joe O’Connor of Belfast, lost his life at the hands of counter revolutionaries: contemporary descendants of those same counter revolutionaries who strapped republicans to landmines and employed the English hangman to execute Irish republicans.

The legacy of partition continues to repress the sovereign development of the Irish people. The central tenet of Irish republicanism has always been a progressive vision of how our sovereignty should function for the perennial betterment of all our people.

As we commemorate these Irish republicans from different periods of our struggle, we are minded of the common bonds that unite them. But these bonds are not superficial, nor slogan based. Death unites us all, but it is original ideas that distinguishes us. The mantle of Irish republicanism can only be inherited by those who have ideas to advance it.

Irish republicanism is not a tradition that one follows through homage of the past. When we commemorate our patriot dead, we must acquit ourselves in the historical narrative that we too can contribute to that narrative in a way that genuinely advances our struggle.

Those who took the life of Volunteer Joe O’Connor are in the political ascendancy on this island. Republicans cannot dismiss this political reality. The long war which was fought for Irish freedom in the current phase of this struggle ended on terms that another lesser war cannot change.

History can afford us a degree of political influence so long as we avoid emotive and vitriolic posturing. As republicans we need to grasp the nettle of pragmatism and explore ways of how we can bring political influence to bear in these politically volatile times.

A century of partition is enough. A century of republican failure to end it is equally enough. Republican politics must now realign around a strategic rethink as to where it proceeds from here. Our door is open.

Beir Bua!

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The following has been carried by the IrishNews newspaper today, Tuesday 20th October 2020:


Helen Mc Entee, Justice Minister in the Twenty-Six Counties, stated recently “we would find ourselves in a very challenging situation if the UK were to breach International Law”.

That statement defines how Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have treated Irish citizens for decades. The British Government have violated the National Rights of our citizens with no objection from the governing parties in Leinster House.

The imposed British border now appears challenging only if increased checks have to be placed upon it.

What planet is she on? Since partition this imposed border has been challenging, challenging to the people on either side of it. No concerns raised by Leinster House politicians about those daily injustices.

It is now challenging for Mc Entee and her ilk because it exposes how they have continuously refused to confront the British Government over its very existence.

In other words ignore it and it might go away. Well it won’t go away and just when they thought they could reconcile British Rule with Irish sovereignty, up jumps Brexit and exposes the weakness of their position.

British Rule and Irish sovereignty cannot be reconciled, sadly FG, FF and Provisional Sinn Fein have agreed to continue the failure and have sentenced our future to one of injustice and denial of our sovereign rights.

The only case Irish citizens should be pursuing under International Law is the challenge lodged at the United Nations in 1998.

Francis Mackey

32 County Sovereignty Movement


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On this day in 2000, two agents of the provisional movement executed young volunteer Joe O' Connor. They did this with the explicit support of the British government who, in the words of the then "secretary of state" Mo Mowlam, supported 'internal house keeping'.

The British state, via the provisional movement, sought to break the then reformed Republican movement which was intent on preventing the counter revolution taking place in Ireland at the time. The aim of the British government was to disarm and absorb the Republican movement into the mechanisms of the British occupation. To do this they used false promises, British "funding", influence exerted from the many state agents they had/have in the provisional movement as well as the genuine hopes of the Irish people for a settlement that was sold to them as being able to bring about both unity and peace.

Joe was not content with sitting back and becoming a voice of discontent or becoming party to what he saw as the complete abandonment of the Republican struggle. This is why Joe was cowardly murdered by agents of the provisional movement. This is why the British government sought to crush the reborn Republican movement including the 32 County Sovereignty Movement. Joe knew that the so called Good Friday Agreement delivered nothing but the complete capitulation of the Republican struggle in return for a nationalist role in the occupation of Ireland.

What Joe believed at the time was a minority position, and many who opposed the Good Friday Surrender were ostracized and attacked by the provisional movement. However, what Joe and many others foresaw in 1997 has come to pass and is common knowledge today. The only legacy of the Good Friday Agreement has been the further entrenchment of sectarianism, the continued deprivation of communities and the perpetuation of poverty, exploitation, political oppression and a suicide epidemic across Ireland that has tragically touched the lives of many families and Republicans.

Those who believe that any change can be brought about while British occupation continues in Ireland, need only to look at the path taken by others such as Fianna Fail, the Workers Party and Provisional Sinn Fein. Joe recognized the unavoidable reality that there would be no freedom in Ireland until the criminal presence of British rule is removed.

While those who cowardly executed Joe succeeded in taking his life, they failed to silence the Republican movement. Joe will always be remembered as a courageous and faithful Irish Republican. Those who took his life will forever be remembered as nothing more than the bloody hand of British rule in Ireland.

We in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement remember Oglach Joe O' Connor with pride.

Beir Bua!

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