Late last week in another act of censorship against the Sovereignty Movement, our national recruitment email address, was targeted.

From the information we have gathered it would seem that Gmail has blocked and disabled our account, we believe on the word of British intelligence. This action adds to a series of digital attacks against our movement and membership.

It is becoming more common in recent times for political censorship to be exerted in the form of online blocks, be they through social media platforms, email or banking systems.

As always we will be undeterred in our efforts and will continue our activism as normal. For the purpose of recruitment we can still be contacted through our social media pages or individual members from your local area.


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The 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Cork held a commemorative event last week to remember the sacrifice of Oglach Denis Spriggs on the 100th anniversary of his death.

A nember of C Company 1st Battalion, Cork No1 brigade IRA, Denis had been on the run due to his activities and returned to his parents house briefly on 9th July 1921. He was informed upon by a neighbour and as a result british forces raided the home that night. Denis was taken not 100 yards from his parents house when he was shot, bayonetted, castrated and had his genitals put into his mouth. He was then tied to the back of a truck and dragged up and down Blarney street before his body was left for his father to collect.

Denis Spriggs execution took place only hours after a truce was called in the ongoing war.

We remember Oglach Denis on his 100th anniversary and we remain as determined as ever to achieve the goals for which he gave his life.

Beir Bua

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A few weeks ago while attending a protest organised by the BDS platform in Belfast, one of our members was singled out by British crown forces for some harassment.

An unfounded allegation of "criminal damage" was put to him before being offered a notebook interview. When our member refused this interview the cop became very flustered and lost for words, he eventually says that he will pass the details to the PPS to do with what they see fit. To date no formal charge has come of this.

This is just one of the examples of petty harassment faced by our members over the past few months and amounts to political policing. Others have included cars being followed, paypal and email accounts being closed and mortgage applications being tampered with.

As always we will be undeterred in our activism and this type of behaviour only serves to strengthen our resolve.

Reject British Political Policing In Ireland.


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