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The history, language and culture of Ireland has long been suppressed and eroded from our day to day lives.

We hope with this page we can bring some restoration.

We will have an ever growing database on the timeline of the Irish nation, there will be facts and folklore in the form of stories and songs which have long played a vital role throughout our history.

We will raise awareness of our native Gaelic language and apply easy to learn lessons along with materials such as literature, video and audio clips.

We will also post details of planned face to face classes we hope to run within our local communities in the times ahead.


For some easy to follow lessons and cupla focail (a few words) click on the following link.

The Sovereign Nation is a newspaper created by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement to get our message out to the public and to combat mainstream media outlets with their black propaganda and coverups.

Click on the following link to read some of our previous issues.

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