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32csm Delegation To Brighton Event

Last week we were invited to send a delegation to Brighton in order to participate in The World Transformed events held each year on the fringes of the British Labour Party conference. 

The World Transformed is a hub for people to discuss and debate many different issues relating to left-wing, working class, socialism from housing bodies to trade unions, and to learn about revolutionary politics and cultures throughout the world.

Over the course of four days our delegation took part in a lot of debates and discussions, many with an emphasis on unity and referendums, to which we were glad to have had our say and surprised at how well our analysis of the current British occupation in Ireland was received from all. Of course there were those of a constitutional nationalist background who held their own private fringe discussions with the sole purpose of building support for elections, but again we were all too happy to have got wind of these “discussions” and to have countered the false portrayals of the situation in Ireland with the truth.

We met with and listened to trade union activists from around the world and how they have fought for the rights of the working class in their counties, one in particular was a man from Mumbai who set up a union for sanitation workers after he noticed in the 90’s the second class treatment they received in all aspects of public life. It was inspiring to hear how he spent 10months travelling across Mumbai to gather the details of each and every sanitation worker and from those details exposed the hardships these workers faced on a daily basis from deplorable health conditions, shocking wages of around 60pence per day and the total lack of acknowledgement from company bosses and the government. After years of persevering these workers now have somewhat acceptable salaries, basic health and safety rights to uniforms and treatment and what’s more are now in line to receive salary rebates for the years they worked for criminal pay. This was one of many accounts relating to working class issues.

Another discussion we took part in was about Britains imperialist crusade and how their government forced it’s way around the world making a handsome fortune from the people and natural resources of countries they forcefully invaded in the name of the empire. We heard of the many genocides committed by Britain, as well as those committed in Ireland, which were and remain illegal under international law and how the British empire is now on it’s knees throughout the world. 

On our third day we met with a Palestinian delegation and members of the Arab labour Group and were treated to a traditional Palestinian breakfast. We heard first-hand accounts from refugees and activists of the genocide being carried out by Israel. We also discussed the similarities between the plight of the Palestinian people with that of the Irish and the deep feelings of solidarity with both struggles for liberation.

We were honoured to have attended and taken part in this event, from the workshops on housing and welfare rights to the heated debates and discussions on highly emotive and relevant political issues and would like to thank the organisers. We also want to send the best of wishes to those we formed links with and that their respective fights are won. We can only look forward to attending next year again.

Video's and more information of our time here will be uploaded soon...

Beir Bua.

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