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32CSM Letter To US Consulate In Belfast

32CSM Members At The US Consulate

Today, April 10th, marks 25 years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

While many fawn over and celebrate this milestone, members of the 32CSM delivered a letter to the US consulate in Belfast along with a copy of the document we submitted to the United Nations in New York shortly before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

This UN submission seeks, under international law, the ending of Britain's claim of sovereignty over part of Ireland. It further seeks to highlight the illegitimacy of the Good Friday Agreement which bolsters Britain's claim.

The reason behind our decision to lodge this with the US consulate is that due to our inclusion on a US list of foreign terrorist organisations we are blocked from advancing our submission internationally.

A member of the US consulate's logistics and security department met with us at the gate and gave assurances that our letter and document would be passed to the relevant office.

Our UN submission can be read on the following link:

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