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32csm members have PayPal accounts closed AGAIN.


Last year PayPal accounts registered to a number of our members were suspended pending investigation. After weeks of waiting a response to one of the numerous emails, reports and phone calls was received, the response was to say that the account, name and bank details had been blocked from PayPal under US federal law. When challenged on the reasons why, one of our members was told that PayPal received word that the account was being used to raise funds for a terrorist organisation or an illegal enterprise and that the person who owned the account was flagged on a US register, they could tell nothing else. No further correspondence came from PayPal other than an automated message to say the issue had been dealt with properly.

In September of this year our member noticed out of curiosity that his account, although suspended, was still active on PayPal and to have it reopened he would need to send through a copy of his ID, proof of address and bank details, to which he supplied and was told the derails were being reviewed and if all was correct the account would be opened but, after a couple of days the account instead of being reopened was closed completely. PayPal was then again contacted by phone call and the operator went through the whole process only to stop at the end and apologise in bewilderment that he didn’t know what was happening with the account only that it was taken over by pay pals “backroom staff" and that he would chase it up. As yet our member has received nothing from PayPal, no email, no return call and no funds from the seized account.

It is our belief that the closing of these PayPal accounts is part of a wider campaign against the Sovereignty Movement and our membership which has already included bank accounts being frozen, holidays disrupted, Facebook pages suspended/deleted and email addresses closed, we also believe that these attacks are being orchestrated by British security services in an attempt to silence us. Our message to them, we will not be detracted from our path and will continue to organise and highlight the Republican message. We would also urge the likes of PayPal, social media companies and others not to give in to the lies and black propaganda of British spooks.

Beir Bua.

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