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32CSM Remember Val Lynch

Today we remember Val Lynch on this the first anniversary of his death. One year ago we were saddened to learn of his passing and even though his health had deteriorated in time, his death gave us a great sense of loss. Today we further extend to Val’s wife Dolores, and his immediate and extended family, our sincere sympathy on the loss of a husband, father and grandfather. It would be fair to say one never seen Val without Dolores and from our perspective he was held in high esteem by all. To us Val was a genuine and devoted republican and the republican family share that same sense of loss as well as the invaluable commitment he brought to the table.

In this latest phase of the republican challenge to British Rule in Ireland Val was not found wanting. He clearly saw that the issue of the sovereignty of the Irish people being violated and denied was the root cause of the conflict in Ireland. Val had a heartfelt support for Irish republican prisoners, and he visited the gaol to ascertain their needs and put in place the structures to ensure these needs were met. Equally he looked at the families and dependents of prisoners to ensure they did not want especially at Christmas. This involved decades of work and commitment. Val was visibly saddened at the murder of Volunteers Ronan Mac Lochlainn , Alan Ryan, Vincent Ryan and the death of Volunteer Kevin “Kiddo” Murray and he ensured their deaths would be respectfully remembered and never forgotten. Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Val Lynch did not have the funeral deserving of a republican of his standing. However we hope that at a future date there will be a ceremony befitting of him and remembering the legacy he left behind. But his true legacy is best served by emulating the commitment he brought to this struggle. We are forever grateful to have known and worked with Val Lynch. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam uasal.

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