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Anti-strike Legislation

A new legislation, which has been muted for some time, is to be fast tracked through the British house of commons in the coming weeks to further attack the rights of workers and unions and increase the stranglehold of the establishment brought forward by the tory party and their lackies strategically placed in the labour party.

The anti strike law has been described by a british spokesperson as a “legislative crackdown on industrial action”, in short it removes the legal rights of workers and unions wishing to strike. This will initially affect those working in six sector’s, including healthcare, the fire service, transport and education, if they do not meet a ‘minimum service level’ dictated by government ministers.

The legislation will make it possible for bosses to sack employees for breach of contract, sue unions, double the minimum notification period for strike action from two to four weeks and raise the threshold for strike action to be called.

The draconian legislation is yet another concoction of the british elite to trample the working class. This does not only apply in Britain but also on a portion of the population here in Ireland living in the occupied 6 counties who are misruled by a foreign government in England. The time is now to end british rule and restore our national sovereignty so the working class citizens of Ireland can determine their own future and working conditions.

We would assume that unions across the board are aware of this abhorrent act and are devising a strategy to combat it. We offer our full support to those workers and respective unions in whichever course they may take.

'The great appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!' - James Larkin.

Beir bua.

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