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Belfast 32csm Confront British PM Theresa May

Members of the Belfast WolfeTone/McCracken cumann were in attendance at a BDS protest on Tuesday evening when it came to our attention that Theresa May was to make an appearance close by so we decided to make our way there. We made it to the front gate of the venue before an RUC/PSNI riot squad formed a blockade across the road and footpath. It was clear from the outset that the cops paid particular attention to members of Belfast 32csm with their heavy handed assault in a failed bid to move us and as May arrived with her entourage of security to meet the lackeys gathered at the event, we let them and her know how we felt regarding her being in Ireland.  One of our members was asked by a BBC journalist if he had anything he would like to sat to Theresa May about the border issue and was given the following response: "Theresa May on a weekly bases in the house of commons talks about the sovereignty of Britain whilst at the same time her government for the last 100 years has denied the people of Ireland their expressed wish through the ballot box for total independence from England. I would say to her to respect the will of the Irish people and to respect the sovereignty of Ireland by removing the English occupation of the 6 counties and to take her British border with her".  A second question was then posed: "Did the people not vote in the good Friday agreement for the settlement we have today and do the voices of unionism not count today?" The response was clear, "Under international law, the treaty signed by the British government and the 26 county administration back then is illegal. When the English used force to suppress the democratic wishes of the Irish people 100 years ago this year everything that has followed has no mandate or legality and on that bases we have lodged a challenge to the treaty with the UN. As for the Unionists, England saw almost 100,000 people protesting outside the houses of parliament because of the DUP holding their government to ransom by keeping the Tories in power, you cannot expect the people of Ireland, those of all faiths and none, to be held to ransom by the same. All Irish people would be better served in an independent Ireland". We have yet to hear the BBC mention any of that and we highly doubt they will.

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