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Belfast 32CSM Highlight Rising Abuse Of Nitrous Oxide

From Belfast 32CSM Facebook:

Over recent weeks there has been a rise in the abuse of Nitrous Oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, across Belfast. Empty canisters are being found everywhere giving rise to the suspicion that this is a new "craze" amongst young people.

We want to let our young people know that this isn't a craze to be taken lightly and has serious repercussions. Breathing nitrous oxide straight from a can or for a prolonged period can cause many health problems, it slows your brain and therefore your body's natural response to organs such as the lungs. It will leave you with painful nerve damage particularly in your toes and fingers, it will also stop your body generating new white blood cells.

There is a short lived euphoric feeling from breathing nitrous oxide due to the lack of oxygen you receive but what people don't realise at the time is that this lack of oxygen could cause you to pass out unconscious and leave you with permanent brain damage or worse, it can kill you.

Belfast 32CSM have contacts for anyone who feels they themselves or someone they know might need help or support with addiction and we ask that you get in touch with one of our members, our social media pages or our designated email address at to arrange something.

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