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Belfast 32CSM Poster Campaign

Message from Belfast’s WolfeTone/McCracken cumann:

Over the past week members of Belfast’s WolfeTone/McCracken cumann have erected anti British policing posters in different area's of the city.

Regardless of the smiling faces, the pandering, advertising and normalised talk from elected representatives, the PSNI must be viewed for what they truly are. They remain an integral arm of the British crown forces operating here in Ireland and with their continued sectarian backbone they are no better than their predecessors in the RUC and RIC. Collusion with loyalist paramilitaries is still rife with this force, seen in recent videos of UVF and UDA shows of strength where dozens of masked men are blatantly escorted by uniformed "police". The PSNI also work hand in hand with the likes of MI5 to run touts through our communities, including the illegal use of child informers. The message is clear; reject all forms of British policing in Ireland.

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