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Belfast 32CSM Statement On Orange March

The following is a statement from Belfast 32CSM WolfeTone/McCracken cumann in response to a proposed orange march by Ardoyne in north Belfast.

With recent talk of an orange triumphalist march possibly returning by Ardoyne this year and the support for it from right across the unionist/loyalist community and political class, we feel it necessary to make our position on the matter clear. The people of Ardoyne and indeed most other nationalist/Republican communities, have made it clear throughout the years that these marches are not wanted or supported and are used to antagonise and give the impression that we are an inferior people, this is most certainly not the case. If in the event this coat trailing exercise does go ahead, we will be joining with other Republicans from Belfast, and no doubt further afield, in actively opposing it. The days of orange triumphalism are long gone, as the age old saying goes, orange feet off our streets. Beir bua!

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