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Belfast Cumann Addressing Drugs Issue

Earlier this week we were contacted by a concerned parent from Short Strand who found a drugs 'wrap'. This wrap contained several yellow tablets and giving the manner in which they were packaged we believe they were sold or being prepared for sale by a parasitic dealer.

Thankfully on this occasion the drugs were found and destroyed by a responsible adult and not a child who could easily have mistaken them for sweets. We would urge all parents to take five minutes with your children and teach them the dangers of finding things on the street no matter how innocent the items may seem.

To the dealers we ask you to desist from your activities immediately and heed the following advice, our communities have had enough of the death and destruction caused by the poison you pedal and will no longer sit idly by and watch it happen, no amount of protection money or petty touting to the cops will hide you, sin é.

Dealers not welcome in our communities.

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