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Belfast Cumann On Loyalist Attacks

It is the time of year again when the veil slips and the true face of Loyalism comes to the fore.

Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in sectarian attacks across Belfast, in some instances children are being set upon by crowds of loyalists weilding a range of weapons from sticks and bats to knives and hatchets, it's also worth noting that these attacks aren't just happening at night but during the day in busy public places.

Most of the incidents are being reported to the media by crown forces as common assaults without actually mentioning the nature behind the attacks, some are simply not being reported on.

The reasons for these acts are simply because a person is coming from or going to a certain area, their name, wearing a certain soccer shirt or anything at all connected with our national sports of hurling and gaelic football. Only this week crowds of masked men "patrolled" a public park in North Belfast threatening and intimidating anyone not from the loyalist community, this included a 7 year old child. A banner was also erected at the park stating 'Anti British GAA not welcome'.

In regards to the RUC/PSNI, the so called "police force", they have shown where their loyalties lie giving the manner in which they handled a recent loyalist protest in Belfast city centre, which to be honest is unsurprising to many.

Belfast 32CSM would advise all to be cautious and vigilant in the weeks and months ahead as the orange hatefest continues in its traditional ways.

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