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Belfast Protest Against Landlords

One of the greatest injustices faced by the working class has always been the criminal greed of landlordism. For centuries in Ireland excessive rent rates have forced the people to their knee’s.

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in individuals using vulture funds to buy up as much land and property at low cost in working class areas. They then build high end apartments, offices and other infrastructure to entice big business into the area. All this coupled with the decrease of social housing and an increase in rent prices forces low income working class families out of the area, paving the way for more corrupt capitalists to make a fortune, this is gentrification.

One way these parasites are gaining support and building a facade of legitimacy, is by running seminars where they school possible investors (current and future landlords) on how to go about spending as little money as possible while gaining huge profits in return, all off the back of our communities. One such group named Belfast Property Meet, holds monthly seminars at the MAC theatre in Belfast city centre, a supposed cultural hub with a focus on the arts as well as claiming to be family and community friendly.

On Thursday 6th January at 7pm this parasitic group of landlords and business capitalists will be holding one of their meetings at the MAC. There will be a protest held from 6.30pm at the entrance to show these people that their interests are a detriment to working class communities and are not wanted. We would encourage all Republicans, socialists, trade unionists, community and human rights groups to attend and show your support.

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