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Boycott Starbucks


Starbucks have advertised free coffee today for health service workers.

What they haven’t advertised is their pursuit to sue their own staff’s union, Starbucks Workers United, for showing support to Palestinians, including hospital staff, who are being butchered on a daily basis by the Israeli regime.

They have long been on the BDS boycott list as supporters of the Israeli occupation and genocide in Palestine and in recent weeks their profits have been rocked from boycotts around the world, evidence that BDS works.

Think of your murdered colleagues in Palestine, the doctors, nurses, porters and admin teams working in hospitals being indiscriminately carpet bombed and turned to rubble by the Israeli military, the ambulance staff being deliberately targeted by Israeli snipers for daring to help wounded civilians.

Show support to their families today by boycotting the companies who offer support to the Zionist murder machine.


Beir Bua!


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