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The problems highlighted in the Brexit talks emphasise the violation of our sovereign rights as Irish citizens whereby we are forced to accept the will of the English people irrespective of whether we agree or not with their expressed view. This position of having to accept enforced British sovereignty, as opposed to having our own sovereign rights upheld, epitomises the real difficulty that the Brexit issue presents to our people.

The time is now for the British Government to treat their Irish neighbours with respect at this challenging time and to look realistically at the underlying problem.

In public pronouncements there would appear to be consensus on having no hard border in Ireland. If these statements are genuine then the next logistical step to ensure no border is to address the issue of sovereignty. To fully ensure no border, and to fully uphold the rights of Irish citizens, it is time to end the British claim to sovereignty here and to work respectfully as neighbours in our common interests.

The future of all the people on this island lies with its people and not in Westminster, therefore it is time to end the violation of our sovereign rights as Irish citizens.

Francis Mackey

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