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British Army REMAIN In Ireland

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

"The end of an era", "troops gone", "slán abhaile", these are but a few of the quotes sold to the Irish people in 2007 after the British army were said to have left our shores, these quotes were all part of a process to manipulate people into believing this well thought out charade.They were lies.

Some years ago Francie Mackey stated “the British army are not leaving here, they will have garrisons dotted throughout the country” and in recent years this statement has brought itself to fruition with more reports every day of the British army operating covertly and openly throughout the north.

In the latest incident, Saturday 22nd September, the British army were on full display in Belfast, as is evidenced in the pictures. This event is one that won’t easily be swept under the carpet as another “dissident fairytale to drag us back”, this is a military display on Irish soil by a foreign force implicated in countless murders and acts of brutality against Irish people over the years.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement have always exposed the British normalization policy being peddled by Britain and their puppets in Stormont, Republican grassroots know we have been sold a lie and in time the general public will also see through the smokescreen of deceit.


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