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British Police Brutality In West Belfast

After a British military reconnaissance plane spent a number of hours circling West Belfast, heavily armed British crown force riot squads moved into the Divis area.

The large scale policing operation was carried out, from what we can tell, to remove a small amount of bonfire material as seen in this picture.>>>>>>>>>

Belfast WolfeTone /McCracken cumann 32CSM find it absolutely disgraceful, but not surprising, that this circus was able to take place today when only a few weeks ago loyalist fires were yet again allowed to take place unhindered. Fires which are not only sectarian and racist in their nature but also present a real threat to life considering their huge size and proximity to surrounding homes.

During this incident streets were blocked off hemming people in and residents, including children and pensioners, were assaulted by lines of riot police with shields and batons and shows that todays farce was a blatant act of political policing, a show of strength against a Republican community by British crown forces and was without doubt supported by the local government lackies and others.

Regardless of whether the planned bonfire in this area was wanted or not by the local community, the over the top actions of RUC personnel and their political counterparts must be condemned by all.

End British Political Policing In Ireland.

Beir Bua.

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