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Centenary Of Partition-Century Of Failure

The violent imposition of partition one hundred years ago this week was a crime against the Irish people. The continuation and maintenance of partition perpetuates that crime. The democratic will of the Irish people cannot be expressed so long as partition remains.

The Good Friday Agreement is part of that maintenance process as it fulfils its counter democratic purpose of securing British interests in Ireland.

The gerrymandered statelet has evolved to a point where within it a triple lock guarantee from the British establishment ensures that one constitutional view prevails over another. There is no voting mechanism which can sanitise this assault on Irish democracy.

The Irish people cannot be held to ransom wherein our right to peace can only be considered if our right to local and national democracy is abandoned. This is what the so-called peace process has delivered to all our people.

What is required now, and what Irish republicanism needs to articulate and construct, is a sovereign democracy process as the only route to conflict resolution. We must, as a first step, completely expose the counter democratic out-workings of partition and its institutions in our country.

Our analysis can no longer be dismissed from the comfort blanket of being labelled anti-peace. When we were asked what our alternative was it was with the presumption that we did not possess one.

Our analysis has been proved correct. Partition has failed our people. The processes of partition continue to fail our people. A movement for sovereign democracy is the only way forward. The cause of conflict in Ireland remains.

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