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Continuation Of Facebook Censorship

Over the past few months 32 County Sovereignty Movement pages on Facebook have been under constant attack with pages being closed, suspended, temporarily blocked from posting or deleted entirely with no explanation given and individual posts being singled out for removal on the basis of breaching facebook "community standards", standards which are themselves totally vague and in most instances are in no way applicable.

When reporting the issue through Facebooks review protocol we are met with a brick wall of no accountability, in most cases the report is closed without response or we are told that the post in question has been reviewed and that facebook has confirmed it did not follow "community standards".

Personal pages belonging to our members have not been exempt from this purge and although many have been able to reinstate their profiles most have been permanently disabled/removed. When attempting to create a new account our members are asked by Facebook to prove their identity with a number of different identification documents, mobile phone numbers and/or business addresses and proof of ownership. They are then told that their profile is likened to one previously removed for breaching community standards and the page is then closed with no further correspondence.

It is our belief that this form of political censorship is designed to try and stifle the Republican message being put out by the Sovereignty Movement on social media platforms and that it is being spear-headed by British security services operating in the shadows.

We will not be deterred from our path and will continue to highlight our message using any avenue we can.

Beir Bua!

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