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Cork Cumann Attend Palestine Rally

Cork today in support of the Palestinian people.

Israeli officials have set in place a total blockade of Gaza.

No food.

No water.

No electricity.

No fuel.

Gaza is home to over 2 million Palestinians and is the worlds largest concentration camp. Israel decimated Gaza in recent days with multiple airstrikes and this latest move will hamper any recovery and aid.

This blockade is an international war crime, hundreds of thousands of innocent children will suffer from this and it will be applauded by western countries.

For our part we must renew our efforts to highlight the Palestinian plight and we can all start by increasing our part in the BDS call.

Boycott all Israeli goods in our shops, remove them from the shelves, make your concerns known to management.

Staff in shops with Israeli goods should refuse to sell them and again let their management know they aren't happy to sell these items while the forceful occupation and starvation of Palestinians continues.

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