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Crown Force Recruitment Ad

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement strongly condemn, yet again, the unsurprising actions of the GAA PR team, who have seen fit to allow a recruitment add for British crown force gunmen and women to feature on today’s all Ireland final match programme.

The PSNI is an armed grouping in the pay of the British government and ultimately takes its orders from British intelligence agency MI5. Despite attempts to sanitise the grim reality of this armed grouping, they continually engage in house raids, harassment, child abuse, collusion and the covering up of sectarian murders. They are an armed political militia with the primary aim of upholding the foreign occupation of Ireland while projecting the image of being a ‘police force’.

The PR stunt today is even more cynical considering the reoccurring and targeted abuse directed at members of the nationalist community by the ‘PSNI’ in the occupied six counties for playing hurling!

One example saw a Belfast GAA coach stopped in his car by the PSNI and told that the Hurley in his car boot was an offensive weapon, others are routinely stopped in the street with the same slur of an ‘offensive weapon’ being put to them as in the instance a young rising hurling player was stopped in Belfast and had his Hurley and Sloiter confiscated/stolen by these crown force members. As recently as 2020 the PSNI’s attempt to maintain its own GAA team folded with too few members being interested in the national sports of Ireland.

It is very clear that these actions are nothing but a desperate PR stunt to try distance from the old RIC and RUC image, but these hood-winking actions are no more credible than the installing of Drew Harris as head of an garda síochána.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement rejects any attempts by the illegal and criminal British presence in Ireland to normalise its presence. The ‘PSNI’, has been firmly rejected by the nationalist/Republican people who continue to witness their real agenda.

The GAA board and indeed any individual who joins this armed crown force gang, should keep in mind that they are actively opposing the sovereign right of the Irish people to determine their own future free from illegal and foreign occupation.

Beir Bua

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