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Ending British Rule The Only Solution

The following letter was carried this week and last by multiple media outlets.

Ending British Rule Is The Only Solution

The continued failure of Stormont and the failure of the political process contained in the Good Friday Agreement demonstrate again that the illegal partition of Ireland and the violation of Irish national sovereignty is the core issue to be resolved.

The upholding of Irish Sovereignty versus maintaining the Union with Britain cannot be reconciled, it will always be one or the other.

The historical attempts to do so have failed and that failure continues today.

The only option to end this failure is for the British Government to pass legislation relinquishing their sovereign claim here. This gives focus to the future governance of the Irish Nation and the type of governance required to service the New Ireland post partition. This is the only option that has never been put forward despite many attempts in previous agreements to maintain the failure of British Rule.

The sooner this reality is grasped the better for all to reach a final settlement in this great historical nation.

Francis Mackey 32 County Sovereignty Movement Omagh

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