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Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine

Ethnic cleansing and colonisation of a country, this is what is happening in Palestine today in 2021. The western media are trying, and failing, to make us believe there is a conflict or war between "Israel" and Hamas, nothing could be farther from the truth.

In 1917 the British government declared to the Jewish people through lord Rothschild, that Britain would establish a home for them in Palestine. It became known as the 'Balfour Declaration' and just like that an entire people were put on notice that they, their homes, their way of life and culture would be no more.

From then until now Palestinian owned land has been confiscated and given to Jewish settlers in a clear act of ethnic cleansing and colonialism.

We here in Ireland are all too aware of this tactic of trying to control a country through a process of colonisation. In the 16th and 17th centuries the plantation of Ireland began, whereby Irish owned land was confiscated and given to people from England and Scotland, these people became known as the settlers or planters. We are still living with this legacy today and that is why in Ireland we have such an affinity with the people of Palestine as they struggle to resist the colonisation of their lands.

The process of ethnic cleansing was intensified in Palestine in 1949 with the displacement of over 700,000 Palestinians and the destruction of their homes and farms to ensure they had nowhere to return.

One of the main demands of the Palestinians is the right to return and the symbol of this is a key. Many people still hold the keys to their homes and although a football stadium or shopping centre may now stand where their village once was, the displaced people teach their children and grandchildren of that place so that one day they can return. There are over 7,000,000 Palestinian refugees worldwide and more being added to the list everyday, making them the largest refugee group in the world.

Today there are over 260 illegal settlements in and around the West Bank alone, housing over 200,000 illegal settlers on stolen Palestinian land. Every day more and more Palestinians are being forced from their homes and the land cleared to make way for more Israeli settlers who travel from all over the world. This is illegal under international law and the war crimes being committed by Israel and it's settlers are being blamed on the defenceless Palestinians. Israel is attempting to annex the West Bank and wipe if from the map leaving no trace of Palestine.

Britain, in their efforts to occupy Ireland, underestimated the will of the Irish people and are struggling to keep their grip on this land. We believe that the people of Palestine will, like us, never give up on their quest to regain sovereignty and a right to self determination.

Our struggles go on and like oppressed people around the world, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Palestine.

Israel out of Palestine.

Britain out of Ireland.


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