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Facebook Political Cencorship

On Friday 17th May our main Facebook page was closed with no explanation, at the same time most of our local cumann pages and the personal pages of our members were removed. Since then most of the personal pages have been reinstated with Facebook saying they were closed by mistake, unfortunately we cannot say the same about our National and local cumann pages. It is our belief that these pages were closed as a direct result of pressure from British intelligence services.

We want to make clear that the closing of these pages was not just an attack on Republicanism but also an attack on free speech and political expression and we appeal directly to Facebook to end this campaign of political censorship against the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and stop pandering to the lies of Britain.

We have opened a new page to again get our message out as we don't believe our previous page will be re-opened and with the high possibility of our page being closed again we would ask all to subscribe to our website mailing list in order to keep up to date with us.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh for the continued support.


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