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False Allegations And Black Propaganda

After closing most social pages connected with the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, a Facebook spokeswoman has revealed to The Irish News security correspondent, Connla Young, that they had reviewed our movement and determined it violated Facebooks dangerous organisations policy.

The Facebook spokeswoman further added “groups that proclaim a violent mission or are engaged in violence have no place on Facebook. As a result, this organisation has been banned from our platforms and we will remove any praise, support or representation of the group and it’s activities.”

We would like to state on record now that we are not a dangerous organisation, we are in no way whatsoever engaged in violence of any kind and we are not proclaiming any violent mission. These spurious accusations are defamatory and designed to fit the narrative being pushed by Britain and their collaborators here in Ireland.

What this essentially boils down to is black propaganda and political censorship, directed by British intelligence in their efforts to thwart anyone still upholding traditional Republican values.

We will take whatever action we deem necessary to highlight this issue and will continue unabated in our activities as a legitimate political pressure group.

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