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Irish News: Letter On Brexit 02/10/2019


The latest debacle in the Westminster Parliament has again exposed the failure of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) to adequately address the issues that are in place to protect the enforced British border in Ireland.

In the lead up to the GFA in 1998 it was obvious there was a dual approach to dealing with Ireland, the political process and the peace process.

The peace process was supported, however, the political process was not, resulting in a submission to the United Nations challenging the violation of Irish Sovereignty by the British Government and which also challenged the legitimacy of the British government to call a referendum in a part of Ireland.

What is now being witnessed are parties moving to the GFA position to find a Brexit solution by asking for a Border Poll/Referendum.

It is clear the GFA 1998 like its predecessors, The Sunningdale Agreement 1973, the Anglo Irish Agreement 1985 has failed.

It has failed because it sought a British solution to an Irish question.

The GFA is failing because it denies the sovereign rights of the Irish people forced to live under British Rule.

Those calling for an United Ireland must explain what this means and from a republican perspective the call must be for a sovereign Ireland, a 32 County Sovereign Nation, not some tinkering with language that will lead the Irish people into a Commonwealth type arrangement.

The solution that no party wants to address is the British Government relinquishing their illegal sovereign claim to part of Ireland and it is around this the discussion must focus.

The Irish people cannot be led on the merry-go-round of failure anymore.

A Sovereign Irish Nation is the solution to the Brexit conundrum.

Francis Mackey

32 County Sovereignty Movement


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