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IrishNews Letter On National Sovereignty

Letter by 32CSM national chairperson Francie Mackey in todays Irish News (3/8/2020).


Sean O’Fiach’s letter stating that Provisional Sinn Fein(PSF) is no closer to achieving an United Ireland now than they were in 1994 is an accurate reflection of their situation.

This is further verified when British MP Francie Molloy tweeted that they were sold a pup in the Good Friday Agreement (GFA).

The flaws in what was happening in that era leading to the GFA were highlighted to the leadership of PSF in 1997 and their response was to suspend the membership of any member who would question the leadership on their direction of political travel.

Worth remembering is that the process was twofold, a peace process which formed the basis of marketing the agreement and a political process whereby the detail got less prevalence in a lengthy document.

Republicans who formed the 32 County Sovereignty Committee at the time were labelled dissidents and anti-peace, descriptive terms which couldn’t be further from the truth. We weren’t anti peace, we were against the continued violation of our sovereign rights included in the political process.

Equally we weren’t dissidents as we were upholding the republican constitution at the time, indeed those operating outside the constitution had no authority to violate the sovereignty of the Irish Nation.

In April 1998 we lodged a submission at the United Nations challenging the process and challenging the British claim to sovereignty over part of Ireland.

That submission is the only challenge to the violation of Irish Sovereignty and is the peaceful alternative to ending British Rule in Ireland. Then the people on the island of Ireland can map out their future free from outside interference and impediment.

If Francie Molloy’s tweet is reflective of PSF thinking it begs the question, what person would acknowledge in an agreement that they were sold a pup and go on to say they support that agreement.

The onus is now on the here and now for republicans to grasp the reality of what took place in 1998 and to develop the international approach to end the violation of Irish National Sovereignty.

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