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Loyalist Intimidation In Lurgan

On Sunday night an aggressive sectarian attack took place on the home of a 21 year old single mother in Lurgan.

Posting on her social media account, the young woman gave an account of what happened along with a video from her front door camera. The video shows a group of intoxicated loyalists trying to to kick the girls front door through while shouting around the street that 'fenians' were in the house and calling the girl a fenian bastard among other obscenities.

The response from the PSNI has been to arrest and then release one of the loyalists involved and at the same time tell this mother and child to leave their home.

This is a stark contrast to other issue's recently were a young man received a custodial sentence for taking down a flag and the widespread hype around another British flag being taken down at the weekend with the PSNI starting an investigation into what they, politicians and the media have labelled a sectarian hate

crime. In what kind of society does the removal of a flag warrant more of a response than the violent threats and intimidation of a young mother and child simply because of their religion?

25 years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement and this is bit another incident showing that the agreement has done nothing to change sectarian divisions.

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