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MAC Facilitating Landlord Venture

From Belfast 32CSM:

A few months back Belfast 32CSM began highlighting a monthly event held in the MAC theatre. This event called ‘Belfast Property Meet’ organised by an ex merchant navy officer and his wife, is designed to show landlords and property investors how to expand their portfolio’s and maximise their profits off the backs of working class renters. We contacted the MAC theatre on April 20th asking them to stop facilitating this event. On May 4th we received a disappointing but not surprising reply from the MAC chief executive Anne McReynolds. In her reply she stated “The MAC is a cultural venue and a community resource which has been created with significant public funds generated by taxes paid by the citizens”. She further went on to explain that the MAC is a warm and welcoming place for all.

Anne finished her email saying that the MAC would continue to hire it’s facilities to Belfast Property Meet and whoever else they deem fit. What this means essentially is that the MAC will allow it’s supposed community hub to be used for events detrimental to working class society so long as it’s profitable to do so. This is highly unfortunate as the building has so much potential to play a pivotal role in combating corporate greed. After we publicly advertised to protest at one of these events back in January, Belfast Property Meet cancelled the MAC venue just hours before the start time. Again when we contacted the MAC directly about another Property Meet event planned for last Thursday 7th May, the venue was again cancelled. We will continue monitoring and highlighting this issue further and if another one of these capit

alist anti community events is organised at the MAC we will be calling for a protest. We would encourage all Republican, socialist, housing and community groups to join that protest and give a maximum show of solidarity to our working class communities.

Below is the email response we received.

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