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NI Centenary Celebration Protest

On Thursday 21st October we held a successful picket in Armagh opposing an event taking place in St.Patricks Church of Ireland Cathedral. The event in question was held to celebrate 100 years of partition in Ireland and was attended by members of the British government including tory prime minister Boris Johnson and Colum Eastwood of the SDLP, lackies of the Irish government were also present. The British queen pulled out of the event at the last minute citing suspected symptoms of the common cold, highly coincidental after security personnel mentioned to a national newspaper that details of the events timing were made public around Belfast.

With a heavy police presence in place around the town it was clear that we were to receive a generous welcome party from crown forces, many with english accents. The uniforms worn by the PSNI was akin to those worn by police in England giving the impression that they are indeed a British force. Also the necessity and enormity of the policing operation on the day further proves how much of a failure the "Northern Ireland" statelet is and how unwelcome partition remains.

There was a banner dropped from a tower block in the Newlodge area of north Belfast spreading the message far and wide:




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