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Orange Arch Erected In Glengormley

Statement from Belfast 32CSM.

Yesterday, Tuesday 14th June, a highly controversial “orange arch” was erected in Glengormley against the wishes of the majority of residents in the area.

SinnFein had the opportunity to deny this display of sectarian bigotry being erected but instead gave the go ahead for it.

The PSNI blocked roads refusing access to residents and causing traffic disruption in order to facilitate loyalist paramilitaries bringing in heavy lifting equipment. This adds to the current belief of collusion between the PSNI and loyalist paramilitaries, particularly after reports this week that the assistant chief constable Bobby Singleton knew about the guns and ammunition found in the possession of north Belfast UVF leader Winston ‘winkie’ Irvine when he was arrested last week.

For years local residents have campaigned against this sectarian display and for years their plea's have fallen on deaf ears, again to placate loyalist paramilitaries operating in the area.

Speaking with some residents last night they all mentioned that there was an air of tension this year that hasn’t been felt in a long time especially after recent threats of violence by loyalist paramilitaries and politicians.

We will continue to liaise with locals and offer any help we can. We would also advise everyone living in the area to remain vigilant and be safe.

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