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Political Censorship Continues

Earlier today, Monday 20th September, we bacame aware that almost all Facebook social media pages connected with the 32 County Sovereignty Movement had been closed. This included members personal pages.

Page administrators received emails from Facebook alerting them that their personal pages may have been hacked and details would need verified before the pages would be unlocked. After going through this process, our members were able to gain access to their personal accounts however, page administrators noticed instantly and unsurprisingly, that the national 32csm page along with local cumann pages had been deleted.

This was a coordinated attack and connot be disguised as anything else. For Facebook to send emails to a number of our members claiming their accounts may have been accessed, coincidentally at the same time, and denies the involvement of other agencies, then it calls in to question the integrity of Facebooks security when handling our personal details.

This is not the first time such attacks have taken place against the Sovereignty Movement and what they amount to is political censorship, directed solely by British intelligence to try stop the Republican message getting out. We would like to reiterate to Facebook, do not pander to the demands of British intelligence services, we are not the enemy.

For now we will try to get the pages back however in the most likely case that we don’t, new pages will be opened. In the meantime our website will remain an active tool to publicise our content and further updates on this matter.

Beir Bua

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