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Political Censorship Of 32CSM

The Facebook page of Belfast’s WolfeTone/McCracken cumann 32CSM has once again been shut down by ‘Facebook' without explanation. The personal page of our national PRO has also been disabled.

It is no coincidence that this has happened on the back of the Belfast cumann actively highlighting and exposing the british police force operating in this part of Ireland and also SinnFeins role within it.

Over the past couple months our Belfast members, along with those in most other cumainn, have come under a lot of pressure from crown forces and their counterparts in British intelligence. This pressure has come in the form of harassment of both our members and their extended family, false charges pushed through the illegal British justice system, intimidation of the public entering and leaving the business premises of our members, stop and searches and the RUC/PSNI parking at the front doors of family homes while shining spotlights through their windows.

All of this is nothing new to the Sovereignty movement, from our inception we have faced all forms of the British intimidation policy and at all times we have faced them down.

We will continue with our activism in whichever way we see fit and we appeal to everyone to reject all forms of British political policing in Ireland.


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