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Resolvecall Debt Collectors

Just before christmas we were contacted by a couple worried about debt collectors calling to their home. One afternoon after going for a walk the husband called into a nearby shop while his wife walked on to their home two minutes away. As she opened the front door she noticed a man of large stature getting out of a Ford Kuga car and walking toward her, she believed him to be delivering parcels and stopped to greet him.

The man asked for the lady by name and after confirming he flashed some form of badge and began moving toward her. Frightened the lady tried closing her door but was prevented from doing so as the man on her doorstep forcefully entered the property.

At this point the lady’s husband was returning and noticed the commotion. He ran to defend his wife and ascertain who the stranger was but he refused to identify himself, after some pushing and shoving the couple managed to remove the man from their home. He proceeded to post an envelope in the letterbox telling the lady to contact ‘Resolvecall’.

Resolvecall is a debt collection agency specialising in buying bad debt no longer wanted from big companies such as banks, then proceeding to retrieve that debt through different avenues, some more frightening than others such as the incident we have mentioned. What’s more we have found that these people have a habit of targeting women and vulnerable people and being more aggressive to them than a they would an able man.

The couple told us that not knowing what else to do, they contacted the PSNI about the forceful entry to their home and the threatening behaviour of the individual however, unsurprisingly, they offered no help and told the couple to contact the company directly.

We want to assure everyone including the unfortunate couple mentioned here, that agents from Resolvecall have absolutely no legal powers and should not be treated as such. If someone calls to your home, especially if you are vulnerable, do not answer any questions of them including who you are, until they identify themselves. If they identify as Resolvecall or any other debt collection agency, kindly tell them were they can go and shut your door. If these thugs try forcefully entering your property remember that you have a right to defend yourself in your own home and when being physically assaulted, if you are unable to do this be sure to make as much noise as possible to alert your neighbours.

We will be exposing these criminals for who they are and ask that if anyone has had any similar experiences please contqct us, any information passed to us will be kept confidential unless stated otherwise.


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