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Sectarian Flags At HolyCross

Recent post from our Belfast cumann:

We have been contacted about loyalist flags being erected outside Holy Cross girls primary school in north Belfast. Some of the flags show the unashamed loyalist murderer Michael Stone with the words "hands up if your going to be sectarian today".

In the early 2000s Holy Cross girls school made headlines around the world after loyalists attempted to harass and intimidate the students, children between the ages 4-11, from gaining entry to their school. These children not only faced vile disgusting name calling from hundreds of loyalist adults, but also had rocks, bottles, urine and blast bombs thrown at them.

The acts carried out back then were in retaliation for loyalists not getting their way and it seems this time round, 20 years later when loyalists are politically stumped, they are again applying sectarian tactics against school children.

We have since heard that some of these flags have been removed, however the people responsible for erecting them remain and are intent on causing fear and misery.

Its clear that sectarian tensions are being ramped up by loyalists acting out and what is equally clear is the fact that the crown forces of the RUC/PSNI will make little effort to combat them.

Belfast 32CSM state that all children should be free to attend school without prejudice and parents equally should be free from the worry and fear of the children being terrorised.

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