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Sinister Letter Highligted By Belfast Cumann

From Belfast 32CSM Facebook page.

'We were contacted by a resident today who has asked us to highlight a concerning letter he received in the post.

The letter claims to be from a company known as International Postcode Online Lottery and that the receiver has won £900,000.

The letter is made to look professional with the names of businesses, banks, addresses and phone numbers. These small details coupled with the householders name and address, are designed to make you think they are legit and above board and that you have indeed won an enormous sum of money. In actual fact THIS IS A SCAM, to have you ring the number provided with the intention of extracting money in some form.

The people behind this letter are criminal parasites, preying on peoples vulnerabilities at a time when money is at the forefront of many minds. We would advise anyone who receives one of these letters in the post not to make contact with the number provided but instead, bin the letter and highlight it to make others aware.'

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