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Solidarity With Palestine

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement offer solidarity to the Palestinian people as they face down the current onslaught from one of the most heavily armed regimes in the world.

After the latest uprising from Hamas, governments across the globe have instructed media outlets to push the narrative that this was an unprovoked attack on a peaceful neighbouring state.

In reality from the 1940s Israel has been engaged in a forced occupation of Palestine and a genocidal whitewash of the Palestinian people. Widespread oppression, state murder, internment and land theft have led to millions of refugees scattered throughout different countries and over 2 million people crammed into the Gaza strip, an area described by multiple international human rights organisations as the worlds largest open air prison.

Israel, backed by Britain and the US, will no doubt be given carte blanche to carry out some of the most deplorable attacks against the Palestinians, already seen in the last few days by their warplanes and missiles flattening entire communities and using white phosphorus bombs, which in itself is an international war crime.

In the coming days and weeks the Palestinian people will be given a trial by media, portaying them as international terrorists to divert public attention from what is really going on.

The Irish as an occupied people will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinians in their struggle for sovereignty.

Beir bua.

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