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Solidarity With The America's

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement send solidarity and support to the people of Bolivia at this extremely dangerous time following the military coup in their country, because that’s what this is a military coup and all the western propaganda cannot hide that fact.

Following the attempted coup in Venezuela and the rise of the peoples of Chilli, Honduras, Ecuador and Nicaragua plus the election of a left wing government in Mexico and the possibility of Bolsonaro losing power in Brazil, the pro American Revolution, first perfected with the help of Israel in the 1970s and 80s, is once again being used to install western backed dictatorships in the Americas to keep the indigenous people down thus creating colonial outposts.

With the help of western media the illusion of a peoples uprising against anything from poverty to, as in the case of Bolivia, "unfair elections" they remove the democratically elected government and install a well paid dictatorship to use what ever means necessary to keep the people down while their masters steal whatever it is they want from that country, Lithium in the case of Bolivia.

We will not hear from Fox News or the BBC of the rounding up and disappearing of 1000s of opposition politicians, environmentalists and trade unionist activists or the violent quashing of protests such as we are seeing in Chilli at the moment.

The neoliberal polices being imposed onto South American governments at the behest of the world bank, is making it difficult for them to control their peoples and is creating the conditions for some kind of South American spring . That is sending alarm bells to the establishment who face the prospect of the people rising up, taking control and showing us all that there is a better way. Lets hope that is the case.

Beir Bua!

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