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Statement Of Support For HealthCare Staff

It is no secret that our health care workers are underpaid, understaffed and taken for granted by the greedy elite in Leinster house. Our hospitals are now under so much pressure due to a lack of proper funding that staff are forced to work ridiculous hours in highly stressed environments and we can't commend them enough for their service. 

 Corrupt government officials in Ireland keep down the wages of our people and tell us there is no money to fill the gap. This is done as they themselves receive totally exaggerated saleries, bonuses and "personal favors" whilst also taking bribes from the banks, the multi-national companies, foreign oil and gas firms, foreign fisheries and from the general greedy elite of society, so as to avoid paying proper taxes (equalling amounts in the hundreds of billions of euro).

There was a rally on Saturday 9th Feb at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin at 12.30pm in support of fair wages for our nurses and midwives and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement gave our support.

Our healthcare workers are more important than greedy and corrupt politicians,

Beir Bua.

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