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Vol. Kevin 'Kiddo' Murray

We remember with pride today, IRA volunteer Kevin ‘Kiddo’ Murray, on the 21st anniversary of his death.

Kiddo, like his fallen comrades before and since, was a true Republican who remained dedicated to the cause even after many towed the line of Adams and McGuinness. It was because of this dedication that Kiddo faced scandalous persecution not only from the British and their west allies in Leinster house, but also from his former comrades in the provisional movement who labelled him a dissident, among other things.

Kiddo was serving time as a POW in Portlaoise gaol around the turn of the century when he fell ill, refusing him adequate or timely medical attention the gaol authorities and their masters in the Dublin government ensured Kiddo’s condition would only get worse.

After a long time of this state led neglect, Kiddo received the news that the illness was now terminal and would be released to the care of his family. This was in no way a show of mercy or respect, instead it was the reddening face of the Dublin regime and gaol authorities trying to salvage their public image.

Volunteer Kevin Murray succumbed to his illness and died on the 13th November 2001, only weeks after his release from Portlaoise.

To this day the 32 County Sovereignty Movement remember and applaud Kiddo in all that he done for the cause and forever hold him in the highest regard. We will ensure his legacy and name remains untarnished.

Beir Bua.

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