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Some losers watch the action, not to learn from it, but to second-guess their past decisions. Then, instead of focusing on how to play this hand, they mentally replay past hands. “I should have cold-called that raise with my seven-five of hearts, I would have made a flush. I would have won $142, and I’d be ahead $25 instead of down $117.”

When winners fold a hand, they mentally erase it—unless they can learn from it. They can’t have those cards back, so they forget them and focus on what they should do now: play their best and gather information to make future adjustments

Don’t Dream About the Future

Winners plan for the future. They think about how they should play this and future hands. Losers dream about the future. “If I win this pot, I will be down only $130. Then I will just need one more to be even for the night.”

While losers are brooding about the past and dreaming of the future, winners study the other players and decide how to adjust their strategy. It’s the smartest thing they can do at the most important time—now.

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