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The challenge facing republicans at present is how can the republican position of upholding and protecting sovereignty be best achieved.

Spin and counter spin leaves it difficult for the Irish people to have a clear view when making a decision. Anti-sovereignty propaganda emanating from the pro-established parties further compounds these difficulties.

Therefore in addressing this subject it is important to continually highlight the illegal position of the British Government in Ireland. The Irish people have never cast a vote for the continuation of British interference in our affairs and it is widely recognised both nationally and internationally that the Irish people continue to be denied their fundamental right to self-determination.

It is also important to state that when the Irish people do cast their vote it is always with the British gun pointing at them, thus the propaganda statements of "peace or war".

Republicans are not opposed to peace and strive to investigate all options in the search for that peaceful alternative in a principled way. That is why the 32 County Sovereignty Movement have lodged our sovereign claim at the United Nations, the recognised body for settling international disputes and the dispute between the Irish nation and the British government fulfills that criteria.

At this stage I am not going into detail on how the British government are guilty of contravening international law that is for another day.

The republican challenge requires all sections of republicans to be open and honest with the republican base on how they are upholding and protecting Irish national sovereignty.

A number of groups and individuals are on record of their opposition to the internal settlement contained in the Good Friday Agreement. I would urge everyone supporting this ideal and the leaders of such groups to look seriously and genuinely at this issue and to unite on this single issue. This should not prejudice in any way your rights or membership of your respective political parties.

That then leaves provisional Sinn Fein who claim to uphold the republican position and who since signing the G.F.A. frequently refer to the sovereignty of the Irish people.

The challenge to Gerry Adams and the Sinn Fein leadership is o unambiguously explain to the Irish people, how, having signed the G.F.A., which gives legitimacy to the illegal sovereign claim of the British government in the occupied six counties, can he claim to uphold Irish national sovereignty.

That contradiction is fully reflected in the Sinn Fein constitution where it states, "reasserted the right of the Irish Nation to sovereign independence" and "Whereas the people of Ireland never relinquished the claim to separate nationhood".

The constitution continues,
(a) That the allegiance of Irishmen and Irishwoman is due to the sovereign republic proclaimed in 1916.

(b) That the sovereignty and unity of the Republic are inalienable and non-judicable".

I must say that for upholding these principles of the constitution I along with others were suspended from Sinn Fein and are still awaiting clarification on how such a move was illegal within that constitution.

The Sinn Fein leadership must fully explain their undemocratic move to accepting John Hume's principle of consent on this matter and come clean on their leadership led strategy that was totally rejected by the Downing Street Declaration, which was in fact the basis for the G.F.A. contained in the Framework document.

I believe republicans have a moral responsibility to defend and protect national sovereignty, the only reason why since 1916 republicans through every generation have paid the supreme sacrifice with their lives.

It is not enough to criticise with derogatory remarks when in fact National Sovereignty is under the greatest threat ever from the British Government.

I reiterate again the issue for all republicans is protecting National Sovereignty. The challenge then to Gerry Adams is, will you lead Sinn Fein to upholding the sovereignty of the Irish people by publicly stating your support for the peaceful legitimate challenge and will you encourage all republicans to join that challenge and if not will you outline your reason for refusal.

Republicans must be strong and principled in this challenge and we all have a responsibility by our actions that Irish National Sovereignty is not damaged any further.

United on this single issue will have long and enduring success for the Irish people in their quest for national self-determination.


Francis Mackey,

32 County Sovereignty Movement.

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