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Belfast Cumann Highlight Anti Monarchy Sentiment

With the announcement of SinnFein's intention to send delegates to the coronation of the British king people across Belfast have been voicing their opposition in many forms.

For a long time now Sinn Fein have been pandering to the British elite and have been dragged bit by bit into the servitude of occupation, selling it to their members as another avenue on the long road to freedom.

King Charles is the commander in chief of one of Britains most notorious death squads, the parachute regiment, responsible for many atrocities, such as the Ballymurphy massacre. After committing these war crimes the para's were given medals.

For any Irish person to acknowledge the british monarchy as legitimate, let alone attend the coronation of their king, in the words of Sinn Feins very own Martin McGuinness these people are traitors to Ireland.

Last night more graffiti appeared on the billboards and posters of Michelle O’Neill, Sinn Fein's latest god-like figure, telling them exactly what the republican community of Belfast thinks about the foreign occupation's king.

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