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Cork 32csm Easter Commemoration 2024

Cork 32CSM held their annual Easter Commemoration at the Republican plot, Saint Finbarr’s Cemetery, Cork.

Wreaths were laid by:

Cumann na mban

Fianna Eireann


Príosúnaigh phoblachtacha na hÉireann

Sinnots Cross commemoration committee

The Kavanagh family at John Joe Kavanaghs grave.

Main oration:

It is at this time of year, and in rememberance and solidarity with the events of Easter Week 1916, that we honour our patriot dead of every generation. We recall their revolutionary ideas, their patriotic passion and their selfless sacrifice to establish a sovereign republic for the people of Ireland.

Our duty of care to their great legacy is to ensure that out contribution to that legacy advances the cause for which they gave their lives. For that is the true price for saying ‘I am an Irish republican’.

Once again, the political class in Ireland has surrendered control of the constitutional question to the Westminster Parliament. Such is the extent of that surrender that former republicans are now forced to apologise for the patriotic war, fought to remove Britain’s constitutional claim to the Six Counties.

And just as the Boundary Commission faded into irrelevance, so too will calls for a Border Poll, as the electoral opinion polls will control the direction of their lucrative political careers.

The sovereignty of the people of Ireland is inalienable and indefeasible. The partition of our country is a continuing affront to that fundamental truth. The guiding principle for all republicans is to act in accordance with the elemental truths of the Proclamation and afford zero legitimacy to either partitionist states.

Throughout our history so-called ‘solutions to the Irish problem’ have only perpetuated British occupation because they employed a willing Irish political class to administer that occupation under British supervision. That continues to be the core function of the Good Friday Agreement.

As Irish republicans we are as one with the struggle of the Palestinian people. The present US backed Israeli genocide in occupied Palestine has rightly brought millions of people onto their respective streets demanding an end to the carnage.

The people of Ireland have stepped up to the mark and can proudly say that they have done so in solidarity with the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and The West Bank.

Can those who went on a political junket to shake the hand of those who both arm and give political cover to the Israeli genocide say the same?

And just as the historic parallels of the Palestinian and Irish struggles are apparent to republicans so too is the sell out rhetoric being peddled as a so-called solution.

The occupation of Ireland and Palestine must end, and our respective sovereignties restored for true peace settlements to be reached. There can be no two states in Ireland and there can be no two states in Palestine.

So when we take to the streets in protest, we must remember that the cause of Palestine is the cause of Ireland, and the cause of Ireland is the cause of Palestine in return. We must make all our protests count.

The Proclamation remains unfinished business. The legacy of those who fought in Easter Week still remains entwined with the yet to be written epitaph of Robert Emmet.

It must be the sworn duty of this generation of Irish republicans to ensure that epitaph is written.

Beir bua

A statement from the family if IRA volunteer Joe O'Connor was also read out, found at the following link:

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