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'Cromwell Was A Cockroach'

Our activists in Manchester have decorated the statue of Cromwell to record his Imperialistic, brutal murderous deeds in Ireland and across the world..‘Cromwell is a cockroach’

In a statement to 'The Irish Post', British Labour Councillor Glynn Evans, who represents the Brooklands ward where the statue is based, branded the act ‘just mindless graffiti’ 

He said: "(Cromwell) did some things wrong, like with the Irish people, it's history".

We put it now to Glynn Evans that the British continue, in Cromwell's image, to oppress and illegally occupy six counties of Ireland while administering British rule through its puppet governments of Stormont and Leinster House, this is not just confined to "history" as is so matter-of-factly stated by Glynn.

End British Rule In Ireland Now,

Beir Bua!

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