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Derry 32CSM Members Arrested

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement strongly condemns the arrest and charging of two of our members on Saturday 20th April after taking part in a BDS direct action at Home Bargains in Derry.

We believe this was a politically motivated attempt to disrupt and discredit BDS direct actions that are spreading throughout Ireland and further afield. These actions are in response to the western backed genocide being waged against the Palestinian people by the occupying zionist regime.

The arrests of these two activists took place after the direct action and we are sure the British state forces involved are well aware of the fact that one of those arrested was one of the Raytheon 9.

Our members have informed us that they would love to have their day in a British court to expose the complicity of companies like Home Bargains in the on going genocide and also the British states attempts to harass those who stand for Palestine, it will take a lot more than trumped up charges to intimidate these activists.

Beir bua.

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