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Posters Erected Ahead Of Queen Visit

More posters have been erected in North Antrim ahead of the British queen's arrival here next week. The foreign monarch and commander in chief of British armed forces, will be here to celebrate 100 years of Irelands partition at the hands of illegal occupation.

A celebration event will be held at St.Patricks church of Ireland in Armagh on Thursday 21st October and will be attended by the British queen, unionist politicians, loyalists aswell as members of the SDLP and representatives of the Irish government, quislings who call themselves Irishmen and women.

We must send a clear message to the Elizabeth Windsor and the lackey west brits upholding and administering british rule from Stormont and Leinster House, that 100 years of illegal partition is nothing to be celebrated, it is in fact the cause of much bloodshed in this country and must come to an end now.

British partition and the British queen have no place in Ireland, they are equally not welcome in this land.

Reject British rule, reject partition, Sovereignty now.


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