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32CSM Twitter/X Censorship

On March 17th we were informed by one of our social media followers that both our national and Belfast cumann pages could not be found when searching the online site Twitter/X.

When checking the pages ourselves we discovered they had been suspended for apparently breaking the rules of Twitter/X with no explanation as to what rules were broken. We are at a loss as to how we deal with the issue other than submitting an appeal in hope that the social media platform acknowledges it.

With no confirmation as to what the issue is, and no contact in any form from Twitter/X, we can only assume that this is another case of political censorship against the Sovereignty Movement.

Censorship is nothing new to us, from our inception we have faced it on many occasions,  usually meaning our message is too truthful or embarrassing for whichever section of the British political entity here in Ireland.

For now our website and other social media pages will continue to carry our message and we can only hope that social media platforms stop bowing to the demands of scurrilous agencies seeking political cencorship against those who refuse the status quo.

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